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Love is in the air...

Feb 11, 2015
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Every year around this time, the twitterpated amongst us may start to feel a tinge of uneasiness.  No, it’s not the type of hand-wringing that often coincides with tax season, or whether or not "Punxsutawney Phil" saw his shadow (okay granted, here in Southern CA, Groundhog's Day may not have the same sense of anticipation that it does in Phil's Pennsylvania hometown)…it’s the perennial prospect of what to plan for Valentine’s Day!

Anyone who has experienced that certain angst as February 14 approaches, can give at least some “credit” to Geoffrey Chaucer (yep, that Chaucer:  he of ‘Canterbury Tales’ renown, and HS English Lit. infamy alike).  See, it was ol’ Geoff and his 14th C. poems which first linked the saintly Valentines of Rome and Terni to romantic notions of courtship and "wooing", along with exchanging cards and small gifts.  Throw in a cherubic archer from Greek antiquity, add a dash of Hallmark(eting) some 600+ years later, and here we are!

But back to those who have assumed the oft-daunting mantle of Valentine’s Day planning in 2015:   you can actually breathe a little easier this time around.  With the 14th falling on a weekend (and bookended with President’s Day on Monday), it’s the perfect chance to relax a bit, and spread out some of the frenzy.  Instead of dealing with traffic and tightly-packed restaurants on Saturday night, beat the crowds this year, and go for a Friday evening dinner at a place like Zakura, instead; or maybe a Saturday lunch at Romeo Cucina or Bistro K followed by a cozy night in?

And, for all the “Lonely Hearts Club” members out there, we didn’t forget about you:   Saturday presents the perfect chance to get your single friends together for drinks, apps, and a movie at Regency Theatres Director's Cut Cinema or to host a ‘game night’—BevMo! is a great place to start for any needed supplies.  Who knows:  there may even be a love connection in your midst--Cupid's arrow is nothing, if not unpredictable!

For the weekend early risers, why not be one of the first to check out the BRAND NEW Club Pilates on Sunday (set to open ON Valentine’s Day, as a matter of fact) or go for a fun and challenging kickboxing workout at 9Round?  You can always cool down and kick up your heels with a frosty reward from Daffy’s TropicCafe afterwards.  The couple that plays together, stays together, right?

So, whether you go the tried and true 'night-out route', or decide to create some traditions of your own, we hope you and your sweetheart raise a glass to Chaucer, and have a fun and memorable Valentine's weekend together!

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